Ideal Group

Are You Our Ideal Group?
(and we your ideal retreat?)
Here are 4 -ways to find out.

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Beaver Lake Retreat started as a training retreat for small groups of professionals in the creative and healing arts. Participants who had enjoyed the place itself as much as the programs, more and more often requested returning for a personal stay with their partners, some friends or family. No program necessary…just a great place to stay with lots to do and explore. We liked the mix, so we decided to encourage family and group vacationers as well as the original organized retreat groups. We are, however, distinctly different from those utilizing slick marketing propaganda in attempt to convince everyone out there that their lodging can be all things to all people.

We intentionally have our market niche because we have observed in business and in life that fear of not pleasing every single prospect only fosters mediocrity. Beaver Lake Retreat is for travelers wary of paying extra to be drenched in doilies at the typical B&B and for group leaders or trainers weary of emotionally sterile hotel meeting rooms. It is for those who seek the warm and personal in both lodging and life…and those who know that an authentic experience can be more personally enriching yet cost less than haughty luxury. Interested in more detail? Click any link above.

Are you a Cultural Creative?

Beaver Lake Retreat’s past 32 years of B&B guests and group retreaters have convinced us that although a very broad array of folks appreciate our amenities and ambiance, those who most appreciate the flavor, values and operating style of this private alpine inn are those of an international sub-culture called the cultural creatives by Sherry Anderson and Paul Ray in their book The Cultural Creatives: How 50 Million People are Changing the World. Wondering if you and yours are of the “right stuff” to be in our “most appreciative guest profile?” Take the values survey below and see how you fit.

  1. Love nature and are deeply concerned about its destruction
  2. Are strongly aware of the problems of the whole planet (global warming, destruction of rain forests, overpopulation, lack of ecological sustainability, exploitation of people in poorer countries) and want to see more action on them, such as limiting economic growth
  3. Would pay more taxes or pay more for consumer goods if you knew the money would go to clean up the environment and to stop global warming
  4. Give a lot of importance to developing and maintaining your relationships
  5. Give a lot of importance to helping other people and bringing out their unique gifts
  6. Volunteer for one or more good causes
  7. Care intensely about both psychological and spiritual development
  8. See spirituality or religion as important in your life
  9. Want more equality for women at work, and more woman leaders in business and politics
  10. Are concerned about violence and the abuse of the vulnerable around the world
  11. Want our politics and government spending to put more emphasis on education and well-being, on rebuilding our neiborhoods and communities, and on creating an ecologically sustainable future
  12. Are unhappy with both the left and right in politics and want to find a new way that is not in the mushy middle
  13. Tend to be rather optimistic about our future and the distrust the cynical and pesimistic view that is given by some media
  14. Want to be involved in creating a new and better way of life in your country
  15. Are concerned about what the big corporations are doing in the name of making more profits: downsizing, creating environmental problems, and exploiting poorer countries
  16. Have your finances and spending under control and are not concerned about over-spending
  17. Dislike all the emphasis in modern culture on success and “making it”, on getting and spending, on wealth and luxury goods
  18. Like people and places that are exotic and foreign, and like experiencing and learning about other ways of life

Guest Comments

“I could write: Nice lodge, nice scenery, nice hospitality, but I won’t because every one else posting already has, and you already know that. In the spirit of your CREDO: thanks for letting me enjoy life at Beaver Lake Retreat this weekend, I loved the serenity and it is difficult to leave! Who wouldn’t want to stay forever? Nice 20 foot Christmas Tree!” –Robin, from Newfoundland

“Vince, it’s been a wonderful stay. Its been clean, comfortable and restful. Catching a 12 inch trout and having it cooked for me in an hour says a lot. THANKS.” –Stewart, from New York City

“This was not only a vacation. It’s been even more than recreation. The nature and the people that we met. Became part of life we’ll never forget. It’s hard and sad to leave all this here, but in our hearts and souls we will be near. We hope that we can return one day for that we will work, think of and pray.” –Marina and Susan, from Germany

“The whole management team has voted you “the just in the nick of time Guru award. “Ok girls…you can just put down those knives, put away the valium, and very, very slowly put down your cloud cookies.” Thank you for the royal treatment and the jeep ride to Lead King Basin, unbelievably gorgeous!” –The Aspen Buddy Program, Inc.

“I don’t suppose you will forget the Virginian contingent any time soon! We had a wonderful exhausting and exhilarating time at Marble/marble and of course, at your retreat. Your magnificent hot tub and group kitchen made our dusty symposium turn to luscious comfort each evening. Thanks for encouraging us to invite other sculptors up to share the hot pool and our gourmet suppers. You made our vacation a lovely one.” –Anna, Trevor, Stephanie and Mack

“Vince, I’m not sure what the exotic mushrooms I told you about look like , but the hike you suggested was a grand adventure. As I sit here on the south deck and look at the shimmering light on the lake I realize how much I love this place and what a true place of retreat it is in my life. Thank you for your friendship and hospitality. Collete and I have had a nice time and I’ll always remember the jokes and laughter in the hot tub this year. The energy that the trees radiate touches one’s soul–there’s a lot of love in “them there hills”– you’ve chosen a perfect place. You and your place have been a big part of our group for 3 years now. And that’s just three years of this lifetime.”– Sat Nam, Lavon, from Dallas, Texas

“Thanks for a wonderful vacation, especially the exciting trip to your private land in Lead King Basin and to Crystal Mill. The wild flowers were beautiful and I’ve learned several new birds. I’ve also learned to trust the jeep driver and experience the excitement of scary mountain paths. You’ve chosen a fabulous life style and location to share with your guests.” –Martha, from Palm Coast, Florida

“Our entire stay was wonderful and unbelievably affordable. But what was most amazing was how you got our kids to put down their cell phones and video games in excitement over the scavenger hunts you devised for them to seek different flowers or particular shape of rock or type of feather. You really should charge for the canoes and all, everyone except us of course…we truly appreciate your generosity. We’ll be back.” –The Palmers, Highlands Ranch, Colorado

“The best Board and Staff retreat we’ve ever had. The perfect setting for our organizations agenda. We’ll be back next year. Both the vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals were excellent.” –The Colorado Environmental Coalition Board.

“The view from your dinning room of the lake, the wetlands habitat, and the snow capped peaks made this the perfect place to meet following the outing to study the preservation of the Yule Creek Trails riparian route. Thanks for your work and for making this meeting possible.” –The Sierra Club, Mount Sopris Group.

“Thanks for the relaxing time we were able to spend here. The views and your people are great. We enjoyed all the conversations and your collection of artifacts. We all enjoyed the humming birds, especially Brad.” –The Longs, Overland Park, Kansas

Can We Just Talk?

Tests and testimonials through cyberspace may be efficient but we refuse to eliminate the tried and true tradition of face to face, or at least ear to ear, feeling things out before you make definite plans for a stay at Marble Lodge on Beaver Lake Campus. True we’ve described our ideal guest profile as clean air breathing, nature lovers, with only mature children and perfectly behaved pets: people more fun and adventuresome than mopey, fussy or uptight. But what if you have one smoke breathing dragon in your group that is otherwise a good guy? And does “perfect pet” include the traveling hedgehog in a basket? They’ve been here. So you see, on such finer points, we may just want a regular conversation. You are encouraged to call (970) 963-3608 with questions on any of the finer points or with interesting proposals to trade stays here for time on your yacht on the Riviera.