How to get here well equipped

Directions: Beaver Lake Retreat is just over two hours from Grand Junction’s airport and just over an hour from Aspen’s and Vail’s Airports. Our Van can pick you up at Aspen’s airport or the Glenwood Springs Amtrak station. If driving, follow the map from either Carbondale or Paonia along Hwy. 133 to the Marble Road turn off (County Road 3) at the north base of McClure Pass. Follow the Marble Road 5 miles east into Marble to the only bridge with log guard rails. From that bridge, take the very first left, then the SECOND right, following the black and yellow reflective BEAVER LAKE RETREAT signs up a short hill to the three story log retreat. If you reach Beaver Lake you’ve missed a turn. Lost? Ask or phone from the old Beaver Lake Lodge, just below BEAVER LAKE RETREAT.

Reminders: Carbondale (from north) and Paonia (from south) are the last towns with ordinary gas stations and grocery stores. Fill up and buy whatever food, snacks or other provisions that fit your plan, and avoid needless trips back out to shop. Drink lots of water and consider taking a few aspirin the day of travel to thin the blood…it works wonders at preventing altitude “sickness,” a tired and headachy feeling that effects some people coming from elevations below 5000 ft.

Things to Bring: Depending on the season, and your plans, consider bringing items from this list of things guests have regretted having forgotten.

  • Camera with telephoto lens
  • Binoculars
  • Swim suit/trunks for the hot tub
  • Light hiking boots or sturdy walking shoes (snow boots in winter)
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen, and brimmed hat
  • Small daypack and a non-leak water bottle
  • Hooded jackets, gloves, thick wool socks, clothes to dress in layers (even summer alpine weather and
  • temperature differentials vary greatly with ascent or decent in elevation).
  • Fishing License and gear Compass and maps for serious wilderness exploring
  • Rocky Mountain bird and wildflower guide books
  • Addresses for people who might deserve a postcard
  • Stories to read or tell around the fireplace or campfire
  • Musical instruments
  • One thin file of paperwork from office or school (not to really look at, but just for assuaging any latent guilt you might feel when getting away to Beaver Lake Retreat).